Fr Sony John Cmf - Principal

“I am the master of my failure. If I never fail how will I ever learn,” resounded C.V Raman. When we deign to own failures, we learn to take the next step more wisely, cautiously and prepared. I'm stressing on failures because without which, probably, no success has been obtained. Failure is the master of success. Could there be success without failure? The point is, life is success and failure. A willful awareness of the significant lessons our failures impart us with is what will take us greatest heights. They shape and design us. Best skills are unearthed at failures accompanied by perseverance, hard work and the motivation to succeed. It's indeed a force; a drive.

St Claret School is one of the best ambience for tapping the talents of the young. It takes pride in doing so. Providing opportunities for an all-in- one development of a student the school makes learning fun fused with fostering. Yes, it fosters the aspirations with dedication & commitment - two rarest virtues on earth.

St Claret School is a school of knowledge and wisdom, where learning is fun and whence dreams never fade.