St.Claret and the Claretian Congregation

St. Anthony Mary Claret is the founder of the Claretian Congregation. He was born Sallient Barcelona Spain on December 23, 1807. He was brought up in a devotedly religious family and thus developed a deep devotion to Mother Mary. He, along with other five like-minded priests, founded the Congregation of the Missionaries Sons of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Claretian Missionaries) on 16th July 1849. He lived as an inspiring child, artistic youth, industrious textile industrialist, itinerant preacher, caring physician, merciful father, lover of the poor, humble missionary, unassuming Archbishop and thus a man on fire with God’s love. He died on 24th October 1870 at Frontfroide in France. He founded the Claretian Congregation on 16th July 1849. He reached the heavenly abode on 24th October 1870, which is celebrated as his Feast Day. One of the aims of this Congregation is to educate the young children in the ways of God, instilling in them a deep sense for moral values and social justice. The Claretians work in 64 countries of the world

The Claretians Are

The Claretians are missionaries committed to the building up of a just and enlightened society. They, as priests, brothers, sisters and lay-collaborators, are serving in sixty four countries in the world. Among their numerous ministries, which attend what is most urgent, timely and effective needs of the humanity, educational ministry is one which is prominently and efficiently carried out throughout their ministerial frontiers. The Claretian educational institutions educate the young in the ways of God, instilling in them a deep sense for moral values and social justice. They serve India, as five organisms and their numerous schools aim at integral development of their students, CLARETINES.

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote educational excellence, leadership and service based on universal love and brotherhood in an environment characterized by respect for the individual and concern for the community; to strive to foster positive values based on the pursuit of truth into the lives of our students to effect holistic transformation within them and in the society.

Our Mission

Our mission is to form intellectually competent, professionally skilled, spiritually evolving, morally upright, socially responsive and culturally tolerant citizens, through holistic Claretine education, for the creation of a civilization of love.

Our Educational Goals

  • To form the entire person capable of shouldering the responsibilities towards God, family, country and neighbours.
  • To instil in the young minds the values of hard work, self-discipline and excellence, as life-giving principles in all walks of life.
  • To create in them analytical and critical mind to distinguish truth from error, and to train their will to choose virtue and to reject vice.
  • To help them to become men and women of character, to lead a good moral life in order to stand for justice and truth without fear.
  • To imbibe in them the value of respecting all faiths and cultures and to mould their will to understand, appreciate and to collaborate with everyone to build a strong and united society.
  • To encourage the students to adapt a spirit of team work in learning and other activities so that life in the school becomes a joyful experience of participation and not of competition, in a stress-free atmosphere.
  • To inculcate in them the true spirit of patriotism and love for the Motherland that they learn to commit themselves to her development and to be in deep solidarity with the poor and the marginalized.